Christmas – Sunday School Kids (Dec 3rd-17th)

Sunday School

We begin each of our Sunday services @ 10:30am with a time of singing songs of worship to God – adults, teens, and children together. Following that, preschool and elementary aged children go to our delightful kids’ spaces where loving and trained teachers provide a safe, fun, inspiring environment to grow in their love for God and understanding of how wonderfully He has made them! Our desire is to come alongside families to help parents & guardians raise their children in the love and grace of God.

Sunday School—Christmas

December 3rd-17th, 2023

Come join us as we learn more together about Christmas! Lessons include: What Is Christmas to You? * The Promise of a Savior King * No Room in the Inn * Of Shepherds & Angels * Wise Men from Afar * The Flight to Egypt

Sunday School team: Jim with Dawn, Kelsey, Patricia, Paul, Tamera

We have family-style services each Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, and on 5th Sundays of a month. During those times, children remain with their parents / guardians.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to find out more about Sunday School at Liberty Vineyard!