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Liberty Vineyard Church follows a model of interdependent and shared leadership by each member of the Pastoral Care team, including a senior pastor who has additional specific roles and responsibilities. Our Pastoral Care team is the leadership arm of Liberty Vineyard Church, offering servant leadership, pastoral care, equipping, and empowering to people in our local and global community, to build up the body of Christ. Pastoral care includes walking with people in their spiritual journeys through listening, prayer, and relationship. This vital ministry is one of comfort, encouragement, sustenance, spiritual, and other practical help. It includes praying for and visiting the sick and suffering. Pastoral care also involves caring for persons through significant life crises such as hospitalization, grief, various losses, and family dilemmas. Our Pastoral Care team is characterized by love, relationship, integrity, excellence, creativity, and accountability.

Our Pastoral Care team comprises John & Charity Trotter, Allen & Nancy Penton, Jim & Dawn Roberson, Paul & Karen Sculley. John Trotter serves as our Senior Pastor, while Nancy Penton and Karen Sculley both serve as Associate Pastors.

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Here are some highlights from our special worship service on Sunday, June 26th, 2022, in which John Trotter was installed as LVC’s Senior Pastor, Karen Sculley was ordained, and both Nancy Penton and Karen Sculley were installed as LVC’s Associate Pastors:

Zac & Amy Weaver

In October 2013, Liberty Vineyard Church was founded by a team of six (Zac & Amy Weaver, Allen & Nancy Penton, Paul & Karen Sculley), a church planted out of Atlanta Vineyard Church. Guided by our local and regional Vineyard leadership, we embarked on an 18-month process taking us from a Sunday evening small group to a fully formed church which continues to thrive and grow. We are forever thankful for Zac & Amy and their family, as they worked, welcomed, served, and loved God & people through Liberty Vineyard Church for the Kingdom and glory of God. On March 6th, 2022, they stepped down from the Pastoral Care Team in order to begin a season of transition in their lives. We are grateful for their 8+ years of having served as our lead pastors, in addition to many other roles. Their story is forever interconnected with the story of Liberty Vineyard Church and we honor and thank them publicly here. We love you, Zac & Amy!

June 5th, 2022 – our last day with our beloved Weaver / Schoenhals clan, as they set out on a new adventure now!

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