Run towards that light, fleeing the darkness

Everybody Gets to Play #29

Liberty Fam,

God is light. We run towards that light, fleeing the darkness. Pastor Nancy took us to 1 John 1:5-10 on Sunday,  reminding us of the true fellowship we have with God when we walk with the Lord. I hope you all are enjoying our dive into the book of 1 John as much as I am. I encourage you to read it through again sometime this week, especially the first chapter we are studying.

I have shared this before but one way I like to internalize messages I hear week to week is by asking two questions. 1) What do I need to hold on to? 2) What do I need to let go of? In light of our study on 1 John, what is it that you really need to cling to and what do you need to put off? For me, I need to hold on to the rekindling the Lord has been doing in my heart in the last few weeks. That is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I need to put off the things I cannot control that sometimes begin entering my mind, creating frustration with others. I encourage you to share these take-aways with a trusted friend.

I also wanted to give another reminder that we will be having our Community Meal after church on Sunday Jan. 29th at 12:30pm. We are desiring to open up our arms to our community in welcome around the dinner table and I encourage you to invite someone you think may enjoy some good conversation or a meal.

I pray God’s best over you all this week as you draw closer and closer to the King. Never hesitate to reach out through text, an email, a call – I am available and hope you know you matter and are loved.

With care,


John D. Trotter

Senior Pastor, Liberty Vineyard Church

Sunday’s sermon: If (Pastor Nancy Penton)