Karen Sculley (Emmanuel Christian Seminary)

Karen (Associate Pastor at Liberty Vineyard Church) is a student at Emmanuel Christian Seminary (located in Johnson City, Tennessee), pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries. She greatly enjoys studying remotely with a cohort of classmates of all ages who are already engaged in ministry around the world. She especially enjoys diving into the hottest theological topics of our day in order to be both challenged and equipped to better enter the great conversations that are happening and that need to happen in both the church and the community. Karen is passionate about following Jesus and helping others to follow Jesus with imagination and boldness, creativity and competence, expertise and energy, faith, hope, and love, here and now, in every arena of life, by the power of the Holy Spirit and using all of our God-given gifts. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and serving in pastoral ministry at Liberty Vineyard, wherever she is, and online, offering encouragement, enrichment, education, engagement, equipping, and empowering for life. For the greater glory of God!