What’s going on this Sunday!

Our preaching team at Liberty Vineyard has been walking through a series on interdependence that we are calling “Together.” You should tune in online to check out all the great topics we have been doing. This week Pastor John will be speaking on “Together in Transformation” which will be highlighting Luke 18 blind man being healed, disability, administering healing and the pouring out of God’s Spirit at Pentecost. Gonna be so much fun! 🙂 Come and you’ll probably hear a new slant on the topic. 🙂

Sunday @ 10:30am at 111 Pounds Rd, Tucker, GA.

Option 1 – attend in person (Sundays @ 10:30am)

Liberty Vineyard Church meets at the Seventh Day Adventist church building at 111 Pounds Dr., Tucker, GA (south of Hwy 29 / Lawrenceville Hwy just east of Jimmy Carter Blvd / Mountain Industrial Blvd). Our church services are held indoors (while continuing to offer a simultaneous Zoom option). Each of our church services include prayer, Scripture, worship in song, Communion, a Bible-based sermon, and many ways to connect. Here’s what you can expect. Everyone is welcome – please join us! Please contact Pastor John if you have any questions.

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