Children & Youth

We consider it a God-given priority and honor to invest in children & youth. All of these opportunities are free of charge! Children & youth are precious to us at Liberty Vineyard!

Sunday School
We begin each of our Sunday services @ 10:30am with a time of singing songs of worship to God – adults, teens, and children together. Following that, children aged 11 & under go to our delightful kids’ spaces where loving and trained teachers provide a safe, fun, inspiring environment to grow in their love for God and understanding of how wonderfully He has made them! Our desire is to come alongside families to help parents & guardians raise their children in the love and grace of God.
Currently, our children are learning about encountering Jesus!
Our Children’s Ministry is lead by Paul, alongside team members: Amy, Beth, Dawn, Jake, Jim, Karen, Kelsey, Margy, Noah
Let us know if you have any questions or would like to find out more about Sunday School at Liberty Vineyard!

Awana Club
At Liberty Vineyard we offer Awana Club for ages 2-18 in three 8-week sessions each year – February/March, June/July, and September/October. We do it this way so as to create a rhythm that is sustainable for both families and helpers. If you are interested in Awana Club, either click on the graphic to send us a message, or come visit us on any Wednesday @ 6:00-7:30pm during the months of Feb/Mar, Jun/Jul, or Sep/Oct! Our goal is to reach kids for Jesus, equip leaders, and change the world! The club is free, and parents are welcome to stay or to drop off your kids – we have a great team of safe, caring teachers. We meet at Liberty Vineyard Church, 111 Pounds Rd, Tucker, GA 30084.
Let us know if you’d like to get involved with AWANA club!

Each Awana Club meeting includes games, small group time (Puggles: 2-3 years, Cubbies: 4-5 years, Sparks: 1st-2nd grade, T&T: 3rd-6th grade), and large group time. Our Youth Group (7th-12th grade) enjoys their own format with pizza, games, and Bible study. Students receive uniforms and handbooks free of charge, our gift to the community.
Here are the special songs we’ve used in Awana large group time:

Our Awana Club is lead by Karen, alongside team members: Amy, Beth, Charis, Dawn, Ellen, Kelsey, Kristi, Luis, Margy, Noah, Paul, Vinnie . . . with special guests / helpers / support team: Bart, Carl, Jeanne, Jim, Nancy, Scott, Vino . . . and former helpers: Abigail, Allen, Cascade, Jake, Karis, Mari, Mark, Sunny, Theresa
Let us know if you’d like to find out more about Awana Club at Liberty Vineyard!

Celebration Singers

We have a children’s choir for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. We meet for one hour on Wednesdays @ 5:00—6:00pm from September 18th to October 23rd, 2019. There will be a special performance @ 5:30pm on October 30th for the residents of Atria Park of Tucker. The choir is free and meets at Liberty Vineyard Church, 111 Pounds Rd, Tucker, GA 30084.
Let us know if you’d like to get involved with Celebration Singers!
Celebration Singers meets for 8 week sessions each spring, summer, and fall, with a special 4 week session for Christmas!
Celebration Singers is directed by Amy, accompanied by Karen

Friday morning kids’ club

During our weekly Friday morning women’s Bible study, the kids have a fabulous time at our kids’ club – it’s free for all kids under the age of 10 accompanying women’s Bible study attendees and includes weekly Bible lesson, crafts, games, songs, Bible memory verse, stories, and more! We meet at Liberty Vineyard Church, 111 Pounds Rd, Tucker, GA 30084.
Let us know if you’d like to get involved with our Women’s Bible Study & Kids’ Club!
Women’s Bible study leadership team: Amy, Karen.
Current kids’ club team: Charis, Hannah, Isabelle, Kate, Kayla, Miriam
Former kids’ club team members: Ava, Briana, Cascade, Casey, Ellie, Esther, Karis

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