2021 outreach stories

February 2021:

The women’s Bible study prepared 8 encourage-mint gift baskets, prayed together, and delivered them to local fire stations, police stations, and health departments.

Our pastoral care team prepared Valentine’s gift bags with encouragements & treats, prayed together, and delivered them to the home of each one in our church family.

We wrote encouragement cards to tuck into personalized bags with homemade cookies / brownies / prayer squares / bookmarks / other treats for the 20 GA Tech CCF campus ministers (interns & staff) (including our Cascade), prayed together for everyone, and delivered them on Valentine’s Day!

March 2021:

In response to a request from Lilburn Middle School, Liberty Vineyard-ites donated and assembled 180 treat bags for a teacher meeting.

We did our 27th quarterly adopt-a-road cleanup on Harbins Rd, Lilburn.

Every quarter we have a fabulous time with whomever shows up – what a great crew!

We packaged up puzzles and encouraging notes (with personal notes on the back) for neighbors who live near our church building, distributing them by doing a “ding-dong-drop” at each home.

April 2021:

We did a trash cleanup on Pounds Rd, the street where we go to church, to bless our immediate neighborhood.

May 2021:

We baked cookies & muffins to include in thank you gift bags for all of the educators at Lilburn Middle School.

June 2021:

We did our 28th quarterly adopt-a-road cleanup on Harbins Rd, Lilburn.

August 2021:

We did a double outreach after our service preparing blessing bags of bathroom supplies & kitchen staples for H2B temporary migrant workers and school supplies for Lilburn Middle School students.

September 2021:

We donated furnishings, kitchen items, linens, cleaning supplies, and toiletries to assist Afghan refugees in setting up their apartments, via the Lutheran ministry Inspiritus.

We did our 29th quarterly adopt-a-road cleanup on Harbins Rd, Lilburn.

October 2021:

We hosted a booth at Lilburn Daze called “Everybody gets to play” (an oft-quoted phrase in the Vineyard movement) and connected with 300 or so people in our community, who had the opportunity to play a carnival-style game, win a prize, have a conversation, pray, sharing the love of Jesus with our neighbors at this fun annual festival.

December 2021:

We did our 30th quarterly adopt-a-road cleanup on Harbins Rd, Lilburn.

We had a “Missions Sunday” during which we wrote encouragement cards, gave financial support, and prayed for each of the 7 missionary individuals / families that we are connected to at LVC. (Beverly who counsels & debriefs missionaries in Spain, Michael who studies Apologetics at Seminary in KY, Abby who serves Third-Culture Kids in Norcross, Jonathan & Laura who plant churches and serve refugees in Central Asia & KY, Doran & Amy who work in a campus ministry with CRU in NYC, Cascade who studies for Campus Ministry at Seminary in TN, Hong-Tae & GumSuk who engage in Bible translation & community development work in Papua & Asia)