Radical invitation

Everybody Gets to Play #4

Liberty Tribe,

A few years ago, I heard a woman describe officiating a wedding in a dreary alley in a slum. The couple getting married who asked her to do the wedding originally met there. Many homeless people who lived in this slum area came impromptu and the alley was filled with people as the flower girl yelled out to everyone , “We are having a wedding in the alley! Everyone come!” It was one of the most memorable and beautiful weddings she had ever witnessed. She was able to experience in real time a glimpse of the Kingdom of God coming in Revelation 4 where we will all be gathered around Christ’s banqueting table.

Pastor Karen (‘cause  pastor now ha!) brought a timely, prophetic word this Sunday which I believe deep in my spirit called us to the simplicity of faith and following Jesus. She so beautifully communicated that people from all cultures, all languages, and every walk of life will be gathered around the table. The kingdom of God is characterized by dancing, feasting, and celebration. Though I believe LVC has been on this path for many years now, I felt like there was a “braking” in the spiritual realm to this radical invitation. As Sir Don Vick stated in our group chat Sunday after service, we are already experiencing this banner of love and we should revel in it, enjoy the feast. I can’t help but to believe that reveling, and enjoying the feast for what it is would ever turn insular or self-serving. That ain’t much of a party. 😊  That breaking in of the Kingdom which I felt was so obvious on Sunday can be a landmark for us. Though God has called us to faith and called us to the table dozens of times before, may we remember that the Sunday after July 4th in 2022 was a time when the Spirit called us to invitation, called us to His table, called us to scream out to our neighbors and community, “There is a party happening over in Tucker! You are invited!!”

Processing this week:

  • How have you and are you enjoying the feast that God has set before you?
  • Who do you know that the Lord is asking you to invite to this Kingdom party?
  • Who have you intentionally or unintentionally excluded from the feast?

Take some time this week to celebrate and thank the Lord for what He is doing. If you are hanging out with a few churchy-type people, invite someone else along to your party. May we be the kind of people of faith who radically welcome, radically serve, radically invite, radically love. Guys I’m pretty jazzed up! Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary.” We are left in the last chapter of Revelation with these words: “The Spirit and the bride say come. All who are thirsty, come.” Dancing, feasting, and celebration – it’s party time!!


John D. Trotter

Senior Pastor, Liberty Vineyard Church