Prayer Shawl Ministry

Be part of something that exhibits the hands of Christ in action – prayer shawl ministry. We provide shawls, lap quilts, prayer squares, and specialty items (caps for newborns in NICU units) for those who have need (for happy / sad times, e.g. healing, grieving, celebration, separation). If you would like to request an item, please do so in person at any of our weekly worship services (Sundays @ 10:30am), as we like to pray over each item alongside either the recipient of the gift or the person presenting the gift to someone in need). If you would like to get involved, please contact Margy. Thank you for your interest and involvement!

Prayer shawls & other items have been given to hundreds and hundreds of individuals in the Atlanta area and around the world!

Prayer shawls & other items are lovingly crafted by:

Margy, Kelsey, Theresa, Janet, Barbara