May our moments and days be filled with a desire to be with the Lord

Everybody Gets to Play #33

Liberty Vineyard,

Well my Monday Everybody Gets to Play greeting has turned into an almost Wednesday email. 😊 Sometimes it is just like that. 😊 Wasn’t it so awesome to gather with the Atlanta Vineyard family in worship on Sunday evening? I heard so many good reports and the fellowship was beautiful. Thank you to those who worked so very hard to usher in the presence of the Lord. I talked with Pastor George at length today on the phone and we were encouraged, joyful, and challenging each other to dig deeper. I look forward to many of these worship times to come. Unity and fellowship in the presence of Jesus can’t ever be overdone.

Pastor Nancy preached a  powerful message on Sunday morning on the topic of Revealed from 1 John. If you missed it, you will want to go back and listen. Nancy was on fire as she talked about the presence of the Lord both from Scripture and a magnificent sight she was able to witness on she and Allen’s visit to California last week. The beauty and matchless love of God has been revealed to us and we have this awesome, awesome honor of living into it.

My action points this week are pretty straight forward. I have talked with multiple people in the last week who keep saying the same thing. It all has revolved around getting alone with the Lord and allowing Him to sweep over us. May our moments and days be filled with a desire to be with Him, remain in Him, revealed by Him. As you spend time in His presence, shoot off a text, email, or jump into the group chat to share what the Lord is saying. I encourage you all also to read through Psalm 24 that Judy spoke over us on Sunday from Zoom. Pastor George prayed that same prayer on Sunday night. Let’s lean into that.

The Lord is up to something in our midst. Let’s keep seeking, asking for a fresh outpouring unique to our day and our time. Peace to you guys as you continue in Him.


John D. Trotter

Senior Pastor, Liberty Vineyard Church


Sunday’s sermon: Revealed (Pastor Nancy Penton)