Lord, help us to remember your might and faithfulness

Everybody Gets to Play #1

Hey guys,

For those of you I haven’t met yet, I am John Trotter and I am the new kid on the block here at Liberty. They are calling me senior pastor?? You guys are brave! Seriously, I am looking forward to meeting those who I have not and it was fun chatting with those of you at church yesterday.

Because we get all split up and it can be easy to leave the conversation of what God is saying and doing at church on Sunday, I’d like to continue conversation here. We discussed faith and the Red Sea crossing.  Here are some ideas that might help us to internalize the message from Sunday:

  1. Read back through Exodus 14 (even read chapter 15 if you get a chance). Jot down what you learn about God from that chapter.
  2. Say out loud or write down ways that you see similarities between you and the people of Israel before and after the sea crossing.
  3. Take your questions and vulnerability about this Liberty transition to God. What is the Spirit saying? What actions do you need to take in response? Write those down or say them aloud.
  4. At some point this week, take a couple minutes to share any of your take aways with someone at LVC – text them, call them, send a telegraph?? It would be so cool if we could continue this conversation.

I’m still processing myself guys. I am taking it all in. Everything is so new. I have so many questions, so many fears, so much excitement and anticipation. You are not alone on the journey. I see the waters on my right and left opening up but I still have a hard time believing/trusting in God’s supernatural pathway. My prayer as I continue the conversation: Lord, help me to remember your might and faithfulness. You’ve never failed me. Help me put one foot in front of the other.”

For the Kingdom,


John Trotter

Liberty Vineyard Church

Phone: 412.886.3850