Practical assistance

Assistance at Liberty Vineyard Church – for Liberty Vineyard Church regulars only 🙂

We want to be responsible stewards of ALL the resources with which God has entrusted us! For that reason, we hold these values in tension:
* Opportunities to serve are offered as invitations, not obligations.
* We would prefer that requests for help / resources (whether in the form of time, talent, or treasure) be made by leaders to groups, not by individuals to groups or individuals to multiple individuals.
* Individuals are free to choose how to respond to requests for help.
* Our desire is to cultivate a safe environment for each member of our church family, whether someone is requesting help or responding to a request for help.

Requesting help:
* Fill in the form below. If your situation involves life-or-death, then please call pastor Zac or another leader instead of filling out this form!
* We want to create a buffer between requests and responses by asking that only leaders issue invitations to serve. The reason for this is to streamline / prioritize requests for service, to promote emotionally healthy boundaries in our church family, and to encourage each person to discern God’s individual direction for them.
* An assistance team will prayerfully consider and provide a written reply to each request in a timely manner.
* If the assistance team decides that the request is something that Liberty Vineyard can get behind, then an invitation will be issued by the leaders.
* If the assistance team decides that the request could be better served by other means (e.g. extended family / household, community services, etc.), then those details will be included in the written reply.

Responding to requests for help:
* Those who would like to serve can choose how they’d like to get involved after receiving a leadership request for assistance.
* Those who decide not to serve are free to make that choice, with no explanation expected or required.

Who’s Who in Leadership?
Liberty Vineyard leadership team – Zac & Amy, Allen & Nancy, Jim & Dawn, Paul & Karen
Assistance – Mark, Nancy, Paul
Children’s ministry – Paul
Hospitality – Jim
Men’s group – Allen
Outreach – Mark
Prayer shawl ministry – Margy
Retreats – Nancy
Small groups – Karen
Women’s Bible study – Karen, Amy
Worship ministry – Amy

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