Benevolence at Liberty Vineyard Church – for Liberty Vineyard Church regulars only

We want to be responsible stewards of ALL the things with which God has entrusted us! For that reason, we hold these values in tension:

  • Opportunities for those in the church to serve are offered as invitations, not obligations.
  • Requests to the entire church for assistance (whether in the form of time, talent, or treasure) are made by leaders to groups, not by one individual to another
  • Individuals are free to choose how to respond to invitations to serve.
  • Our desire is to create a safe environment for each member of our church family

Here’s how you can request help (in the form of $ or other practical help):

  • Fill in the form below. If your situation involves life or death, then please call one of our pastoral care leaders instead of filling out the form!
  • Our Liberty Vineyard assistance team will prayerfully consider and provide a written reply to each request in a timely manner.
  • If the assistance team decides that the request is something that the entire church could be a part of, then an invitation will be issued by the leaders.
  • If the assistance team decides that the request could be better served by other means (e.g. extended family, household, community services, etc.), then those details will be included in the reply.
  • If the assistance team decides that assistance could be provided from our benevolence fund, you will receive specific details on how much and how often we will be able to provide that kind of help.
  • We want to create a buffer between requests and responses by asking that only leaders issue invitations to the entire church to serve. The reason for this is to streamline / prioritize requests for service, to promote emotionally healthy boundaries in our church family, and to encourage each person to discern God’s individual direction for them.

Who’s Who in Leadership? (last updated November 2022)

Liberty Vineyard pastoral care team – John & Charity, Allen & Nancy, Jim & Dawn, Paul & Karen

Assistance (Benevolence) – Paul & team

Children’s Ministry – Jim & team

Finances – Paul & team

Hospitality – Jim

Men’s Ministry – Allen

Media – Karis & team

Missions – Dawn & team

Outreach – Karen & team

Prayer – Nancy

Retreats – Nancy

Small Groups – Karen

Website – Karen

Women’s Ministry – Karen & team

Worship Arts Ministry – Beth & team