God is still performing Acts today

Everybody Gets to Play #47

Liberty Vineyard family,

In the series of the Book of Acts, we’ve read and heard about miraculous accounts in the early church.

Two Sundays ago, Pastor Karen preached about an angel showing up in the jail where Peter was being held. Herod (Agrippa I) had plans to execute Peter. Herod had already had James beheaded (for entertainment purposes) and his intent was Peter to be next. The church prayed. God intervened. The angel appeared, a light shone, Peter’s chains fell off, the gate opened, and he was miraculously a free man. God surely invites us to pray for those in dire circumstances. While it might not be as serious as facing an execution, we have those in our lives who desperately need God’s touch. We are invited to participate in praying for God to intervene in people’s lives within our circle of influence. He challenges us to ask and believe that He cares and is able to come to the rescue of those in need.

This Sunday Pastor Nancy put on her acting cloak and took on the persona of Barnabas (a nickname from friends meaning: encouragement, advocacy, comfort, carrying the load). In one particularly sticky situation, God transformed division into multiplication: instead of one team of two heading to the mission field, two teams with a total of four went out. Paul took Silas in one direction and merciful Barnabas gave Mark a second chance and took him along in another. Because of Barnabas’s grace-filled compassion, even more miracles and kingdom work were accomplished. Surely Barnabas allowed God to use him to do a holy and beautiful thing. When we seek God’s heart, He will continue to do holy and beautiful things within US.

• Who do you need to give a second chance?
• What is God desiring and directing us to do individually and collectively this week?
• Do we believe God is still performing Acts today that demonstrate His great power?

Let us look to Him this week and ask, “What Acts do you want to do for and through us during this season?”

With you on the journey,

Jim Roberson

Pastoral Care Team, Liberty Vineyard Church

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