Fight Back with Joy (Margaret Feinberg)

Here are the words for the fill-in-the-blanks in our “Fight Back With Joy” women’s Bible study with Margaret Feinberg (via DVDs)!

Week 1 - Secrets of Joyful People (part 1)

Joy emanates out of the abiding sense of God’s fierce love for us.

Tactic 1. Marinate in the truth of God’s fierce love for you.

Homework: pages 14 – 25

Week 2 - Secrets of Joyful People (part 2)

Tactic 2. Live on high alert that God is here.

Tactic 3. Bravely believe God is for you.

Homework: pages 26 – 37

Week 3 - The Hidden Treasure of Joy (part 1)

More than whimsy, joy is a weapon we use to fight life’s battles.

Tactic 1. Joy picks us up when life knocks us down.

Tactic 2. When our countenance falls, joy shouts, “Look up.”

Tactic 3. Joy creates a holy ruckus that draws others near.

Homework: pages 42 – 57

Week 4 - The Hidden Treasure of Joy (part 2)

Foundational Tactic:
Remain suspicious that God is up to something good.

Homework: pages 58 – 69

Week 5 - Poke Holes in the Darkness (part 1)

Tactic 1. March forth with mirth.

Tactic 2. Embrace celebration as a discipline.

Homework: pages 74 – 85

Week 6 - Poke Holes in the Darkness (part 2)

Tactic 3. Recognize that your Heavenly Father wants to speak to you.

Homework: pages 86 – 103

Week 7 - A Side of Joy No One Talks About (part 1)

Tactic 1. Rejoice when it makes no sense.

Homework: pages 108 – 121

Week 8 - A Side of Joy No One Talks About (part 2)

Tactic 2. Pray for springs in the desert.

Homework: pages 122 – 135

Week 9 - The Holy Mess of Joy (part 1)

Zero is the place where you need God to meet you most.

Homework: pages 140 – 151

Week 10 - The Holy Mess of Joy (part 2)

Joy asks, “What if God?”

Joy declares, “But if not.”

Homework: pages 152 – 163

Week 11 - What To Do When Those You Love Are Hurting

Tactic 1. Give the gift of your presence.

Tactic 2. Be slow to speak.

Today, you’re in my thoughts, you’re in my prayers, and you are loved.

Tactic 3. Think long-term.

Tactic 4. Be practical.

Tactic 5. Ask God how to pray.