Contemplative Photography (Saturday, Sep 28th @ 9:00am-noon)

Our next Contemplative Photography session will be on Saturday, September 28th from 9:00am-noon – come join us as we consider God’s magnificent creation, find places that nudge us to awe and wonder, record photographic pictures, and journal thoughts.

Location: Stone Mountain Park, Grist Mill Pavilion B (click on map below)

Taught by Allen & Nancy Penton—bring a camera / phone for instruction, inspiration, refreshments, resources (no charge!)

Please let us know if you’re interested in our next scheduled Contemplative Photography event!

Contemplative Photography journal:

Society of Vineyard Scholars

Founded in 2009 as an initiative of VineyardUSA, the Society of Vineyard Scholars (SVS) exists to foster and sustain a community of theological discourse in the Vineyard movement. Liberty Vineyard Church has actively engaged with SVS for many years as participants and occasionally as presenters / moderators at conferences. Once the next conference is planned, we will post updates here!