Seek God for the City (Feb 17th-Mar 28th, 2021)

Each year, we use a prayer guide during Lent (the six week period leading up to Easter) called Seek God for the City which is designed to mobilize many to pray with united, sustained vision for people of our community. It’s hard to pray beyond our own problems, especially in difficult times. But since God does great things in the midst of troubled times, now is actually the best time to pray beyond ourselves with expansive prayers of solid hope. We will either find God-given courage to pray great things, or we will find that our hope, along with our love, will grow cold.

Seek God for the City is designed to re-ignite desires for Christ that may have gone dormant, so that our hope in Christ and His kingdom will rise again. We will Seek God in two simple ways: First we will seek God’s face and then we will seek His kingdom. And as we come to God, seeking His face, then He comes to us bringing His kingdom. We use this prayer guide both at home and during our church services each week during Lent.

The forty days to Palm Sunday makes an ideal time to venture into a season of sustained, hope-filled prayer. Dated February 17th – March 28th, 2021. You can pick up your copy at any Night of Worship. Will you join us?