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At Liberty Vineyard Church, we follow a model of interdependent and shared leadership by each member of the Pastoral Care & Leadership Team (PCLT), including a Pastor who has additional specific roles and responsibilities. Our Pastoral Care & Leadership Team is the leadership arm of Liberty Vineyard Church, offering servant leadership, pastoral care, equipping, and empowering to people in our local and global community, to build up the body of Christ. Pastoral care includes walking with people in their spiritual journeys through listening, prayer, and relationship. This vital ministry is one of comfort, encouragement, sustenance, spiritual, and other practical help. It includes praying for and visiting the sick and suffering. Pastoral care also involves caring for persons through significant life crises such as hospitalization, grief, various losses, and family dilemmas. Our Pastoral Care & Leadership Team is characterized by love, relationship, integrity, excellence, creativity, and accountability.

Our Pastoral Care & Leadership team comprises Rev. Karen Sculley (who serves as our Pastor), Dr. Nancy Penton (who serves as our Associate Pastor), and team members Jim Roberson, Paul Sculley, Allen Penton, and Dawn Roberson.

Pastoral Care & Leadership Team

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