Birthday Blessing (Sunday, June 27th)

One Sunday a month we celebrate each person who has a birthday that month during our regular church service.

Thank you participating in the Birthday Blessing.  We value every person attending LVC and want to express our feelings for the uniqueness of each individual.

Here are the June birthdays:

  • Madison W.
  • Allen P.


  • Send an email to J.R. (aka Jim)
  • Write a sentence or two about something you love/admire/appreciate about each person (excluding yourself if this is your birthday month). For example, “I love ____________’s beautiful smile and his/her great sense of humor.”
  • Within the e-mail please copy and paste a picture of yourself so when the comments are read on Sunday, the birthday girl or boy can see YOUR FACE (since we aren’t meeting in person).

Thank you, Church. During this time when we are limited in seeing and expressing how much we value each other, let’s make this a time where we CAN connect and encourage.