Groups are smaller gatherings where we get to know one another better – come join us! Click here for training opportunities at Liberty Vineyard.

Saturday @ 8:30am – men – Men’s Breakfast
The men meet monthly to encourage one another in faith, enjoy home-cooked food, and to share life together.

Upcoming dates: November 9th / December 14th, January 11th, February 8th @ 8:30am

Let us know if you’re interested in joining us!

Click here for past men’s Bible studies
Saturday @ 7:00pm – adults & teens – Movie Nights for Thinkers and Seekers
Movie night is for adults & teens – we watch a movie, eat, think, discuss, pray, influence culture for Christ, and impact the world! There’s always plenty of food and a great discussion! Let us know if you’d like to join us!
Check out all the movies we’ve ever viewed / discussed

Friday @ 10:00am – women – Women’s Bible Study
Let us know if you’d like to register for our current women’s Bible study.

Click here for answers to “Taste and See” fill-in-the-blanks and other resources

Click here for past women’s Bible studies.

Let us know if you’d like to be included on our email list to receive periodic invitations to women’s prayer retreats and Bible studies.
Friday @ 6:00pm – adults – Vineyard Institute
Vineyard Institute at Liberty Vineyard is in session!We meet on Friday evenings @ 6:00—8:00pm (Sculley home). Each class is $150 and is comparable to theological training at a Bible college. Instructors are adjunct faculty from all over the world under the leadership of Dr. Derek Morphew, our Academic Dean.

Let us know if you’d like to register!

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